Oxygen service valves

Microfinish brings a wide selection of valves suitable for oxygen service. Valves are available with threaded, socket weld, butt-weld, ASME Class 150, and ASME Class 300 flanged ends. Valves size range from ½ inch (DN15) to 16 inch (DN400). Valve materials include Stainless Steel 316/CF8M and Monel 400. 

Microfinish cleaning procedures for Oxygen service valves are in full compliance with the following international standards and corporate specifications: CGA G-4.1, ASTM A380/A380M; EIGA 33.06; Linde standard LS 141-47 part 1 and 2; Linde standard LS 031-6X7; Praxair standard GS-38; and Reliance standard spec No.100080-1-SS-PP-004-Part IV App. B and E.

Our verified cleaning process, including 100% cleaning inspection, eliminates hydrocarbon, oil, grease, metal chips and other ignition hazards that can be introduced by a deburring process, shop dirt and general industrial contamination. All Microfinish oxygen service valves may be used with both liquid and gaseous oxygen, for temperatures below -60°C/-76°F, we recommend using Microfinish cryogenic valves series.

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