Low emission valves

Since the introduction of the U.S. Clean Air Act in 1963, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has set increasingly stringent consent decrees for fugitive emissions from industrial facilities in general and from valves in particular; typically, valves attributes 50% to 60% of methane emissions in a refinery plant, were 80% are associated to valve stem leak.

Unlike valve body and flange static seals, the stem seal must function properly in a dynamic environment; it has to endure cycle load, thermal expansion, corrosive conditions, pressure fluctuation, and side loads.

Microfinish proactive approach focused its R&D’s effort on low emission (Low ‘E’) design performance of its floating and trunnion mounted ball valves. 

The efforts resulted with a proven live loaded 'Cup and Cone' stem packing which passed successfully the stringent requirement of the ISO 15848-1 standard for fugitive emission, and lately also the API 641 standard requirements. 

This enhanced quality feature is just one more factor which permits Microfinish to offer the industry three year warranty on all floating and trunnion mounted ball valves.

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