Bellows seal valves

Microfinish bellows seal valves design includes a formed bellows welded to the stem on one side and to the bottom of the bonnet at its bottom end, creating a sealed tight seal. Bellows are available in many materials for most corrosive chemical applications.

Microfinish Bellows seal globe valves excel where reliability in operation and total containment of toxic media are mandatory.

The valves carries a maintenance-free guarantee of 5,000 cycles; higher cycle life of 10,000 cycles available on request.

The valve line is offered in stainless steel 316L as the basic material configuration; however for severe service and corrosive application, exotic materials like duplex, super duplex, Hastalloy-C22 and Titanium are also available.

Microfinish Bellows seal globe valves serve successfully for more than 20 years, in the nuclear and power industry, and in chemical plants handling fluids which require, zero leak to the atmosphere and maximum site safety.

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