Microfinish offers a wide range of quarter-turn pneumatic actuators with output torque up to 100.000 Nm (73756 ft-lbf). The high torque segment is covered by the Exatork™ a robust Scotch-Yoke pneumatic actuator line, mainly used in the oil and gas industry to operate large size trunnion mounted ball valves.

The Teratork™, a lightweight, Rack & Pinion, aluminium, pneumatic actuator line, covers torque requirements up to 4000 Nm (2950 ft-lbf), mainly for the chemical industry.

both actuators are available in Double Acting (DA), and Spring Return (SR) configurations.

The actuators design is in full compliance with all relevant international standards.
Microfinish also offers electric, and hydraulic actuators for a wide range of applications.

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