Social responsibility

Giving Back to Our Communities

The Microfinish Company and the Vikamshi family have contributed to countless philanthropic projects in India.

Microfinish contributed to the foundation of Sarakari Prathamika School in Itigatti Village, as well as financial donations that support its activity. This unique school provides education to more than 400 students in the region of Itigatti. 

Microfinish assisted in setting up an advanced oncologic department in Hubballi hospital, as well as donating for free medicine and medical consulting for the prevention of common deseases to more than 4,000 inhabitants in the Dharwad-Hubballi region.

Since 1990, a Microfinish annual award has been provided to students in the state of Karnataka India for outstanding academic achievements.

As Mr.Tilak Vikamshi, Co-Founder and CEO of the company, states,
" We are blessed with a successful business; it is our privilege to contribute to society, mainly in the area of education and health care."

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