Chemical and Petrochemical

Valves and Pumps for Chemical and Petrochemical

There is a wide spectrum of flow control applications within the chemical industry. Inorganic chemicals include ammonia, chlorine, sulfuric acid and nitric acid, and organic chemicals include phenol, ethylene oxide and urea. There is also the manufacture of petrochemicals, agrochemicals, polymers and rubber (elastomers) and oleo-chemicals (oils, fats, and waxes).

Microfinish has long served the chemical industry by providing application specific valves and pumps, such as chlorine service valves, oxygen service valves, trunnion and floating ball valves and low emission valves. Microfinish products are available in a wide range of standard and exotic materials. Alloy 20, Alloy C22, Monel 400, and Titanium, to name a few, are considered standard and quickly available.

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