About us

Established in 1971, Microfinish group is a leading manufacturer of ball valves, bellows sealed globe valves, process pumps, gate globe and check valves, pneumatic actuator and automated units.

Microfinish is renowned for quality products, and reliable service to the industry. A wealth of experience has enabled Microfinish to become a prominent supplier of wide range of products throughout the world.

In 1994 Microfinish was among the first companies in INDIA to receive the ISO 9001 certificate. In February 1999, Microfinish ball valves had completed an essential step by gaining the API 6D certificate (6D-0301 monogram), and becoming an active player in the Oil and Gas market.

In 2002, Microfinish ball valves were certified to PED 97/23/EC (currently PED 2014/68/EU), a step which permits Microfinish to stamp the CE quality mark on its valves, and to place ball valves in the EU market. In 2009 Microfinish ball valves were certified for use in a SIL 3 loop as per IEC 61508-2.

Throughout the years Microfinish R&D team gave a special attention to minimizing fugitive emissions from valve’s stem dynamic seal; with the introduction of the advanced ‘Cup-and-Cone’ stem seal arrangement certified to TA-Luft in 2010; followed by a successful test result as per the ISO 15848-1 testing protocol in 2014, and the last achievement of gaining the API 641 certificate in 2018.

Microfinish has expertise in valve automation technology, and can offer complete automated systems. A wide range of actuators, control units, and accessories enables Microfinish to be ‘one-stop-shop’ for automated valve systems.

Microfinish valves are available in a verity of automation packages that include:

  •  Pneumatic, electric, hydraulic, and electro-hydraulic actuated valve system.
  •  Gas and gas over oil automated system.
  •  Emergency Shut-Down (ESD) system.
  •  Flame proof enclosures for actuators and accessories.
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